Old Enough

Released at: August 8, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Lucy stands cowering in a corner ? one hand covering her pubic region while the other is across her chest in an attempt to hide her small but well formed breasts from prying eyes. Why is she in this position? Headmaster Tom comes into the stark room and he's carrying a leather tawse. He lectures the terrified girl about it being inappropriate for any girl who is a student at Girls Boarding School to touch herself with the sole purpose of giving herself pleasure. Therefore, she is about to be punished. Let the punishment fit the crime. So she is to be tawsed on her hands. "Hold out your left hand," he orders her. "Now your right." She is told to change hands. Left, right, both together. Pleading with him to stop, she is reminded not to make eye contact with the Headmaster. The tawsing over, she is left standing facing the wall, with her hands on her head. Will she heed his warning and not be in trouble again? Time will tell.

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