POV Cuckold Vol. 38

Released at: March 2, 2015 by Roman Video
Pretty Scarlett Fever lies on your bed masturbating and plotting your downfall. You discover her and before you can stop her, she's on her knees giving you an incredible blowjob. You succumb to her seduction and soon you're promising her anything, even not fucking your own wife, just for the pleasure of being her sex toy. You fuck her on your bed. You can't believe how much tighter her young pussy is than her mother's. She tells you she owns you and your cock. And to prove it, she locks your dick in a chastity device and wears the key to it safely around her neck. She's turned your heaven into a hell. Scarlett returns from a date, her boyfriend's semen gushing from her pussy. She orders you to lick up the slimy creampie or else she'll tell her mom everything and you'll never get out of chastity. You have no choice but to obey. She sits on your face, bouncing her sweet ass on your head, making sure every drop of cum drains out of her and into your mouth. With the smell of his sperm still on your breath, you watch as your stepdaughter fucks her boyfriend on your bed. They make fun of you as they fuck in multiple positions and cum multiple times. Scarlett makes you eat more cum, fresh and hot from her worn-out pussy. When you've done her bidding, she finally releases you from chastity. But rather than allow you to fuck her again, she sits on your face while she sucks you. When you try to touch yourself, she slaps your hands away and spanks your dick. It's her property now, you'll never touch it again!

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