Private Teachers

Released at: February 13, 2017 by Les Comperes (English)
Her parents have called on Josh to give him special lessons, as the young woman is more attracted by the height of her teacher's sex than by that of Mont Blanc. Decide to move quickly to sex education classes. Julie, a pretty redhead with big breasts, gives courses of upgrade in computer science to executives in company. Pascal is much more attracted by her ass than by her advice, has only one desire, play with her pussy rather than with her mouse. Although she cannot stand this, Nikita's parents paid him music lessons with a particular teacher. While playing an instrument, the pretty brunette prefers to play largely with that of Rico than with her piano. Amel is a somewhat special yoga teacher. Tony, his client of the day is stressed by his work and totally lacked flexibility. Fortunately, Amel will teach her a technique of relaxation that will allow him to open more than his chakras

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