Schoolgirl Sucks And Fucks

Released at: October 28, 2006 by Internet Entertainment
I was in my detention class being extremely bad when the teacher stepped out to go to his car. I wrote over and over again on the chalkboard "I will learn how to suck cock" The reason I wrote it over and over again is because I have a crush on my teacher and I dream about getting in trouble so I could be in his after school detention class. I was sitting at my desk daydreaming on how the teacher's reaction would be to see the chalkboard when he enters the room :) a few moments later I heard the door open and there he was... I just smiled at him innocently and I could see his cock grow in his pants as he came closer to me as He couldn't believe what I have written on his board. He then asked me if I could show him how well I could suck and that got me so hot to finally get a chance to put my teachers cock in my mouth. I squatted down from my desk and started suckin him and licking his nice shaved balls... Mmm it tasted so good. He really liked feelin my lips around him too I could tell my look on his face that he was in heaven :) I wanted to be fucked next so he bent me over the tiny little desk and stuck his hard cock deep into my pussy... ohhh I got so wet and dripping. I told him he couldn't cum inside me though so when my pussy got him off he pulled out and splattered his hot load of dripping cum all over my Ass! Needless to say I didn't have to sit in the detention room for remaining time I had left and I got an A + on my project.... heheheheh... :)~ Luv Lori xoxo

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