Seduction of Tracy Adams

Released at: April 21, 2006 by Gourmet Video
1 - Three couples return from the track trailing torn Exacta tickets and come up with a cheaper way to have fun. Tracy shines as the camera concentrates on her and Randy Paul as she focal point of a lively living room orgy. 2 - A pair of airline stewardesses are required to share a room on a forced layover. Unfortunately there is only one bed. Fortunately since a simple massage leads quickly to sex, a coin toss is not required. 3 - Danielle is secretary to private dick Jay Sterling. She is taking dicktation when in walks Tracy, a prospective client. To a good P.I. the client always COMES first and Jay makes sure that this case is no exception as he gives it his best shot. 4 - Our girl is despondent when she comes home to find hubby has taken a powder. She seeks surcease in the arms of Morpheus only to be reminded in an extremely hot dream sequence of his many charms. 5 - Race track defeat has Jay in the dumps and Tracy resolves to take his mind off his problems. When this scene is completed he won't even remember his name much less his problems.

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