Sexual Enemas For Teen Missy

Released at: September 11, 2006 by A Wizard of Ass
Missy is a beautiful teen who totally hated enemas, but gradually got used to them, as you saw in her past films. Today, her Master introduces her to enemas as pleasure. First, a suppository, a vibrator and a huge butt plug with a horsetail. Then the Master positions Missy across his lap, almost upside down, and he gives her a full-bag enema combined with masturbation. A flow indicator on the enema line allows you to see the water as it fills up Missy. After she expels in the toilet, it is time for a Sybian ride, and an oil cover all over her. Then another full-bag enema, with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle and a flow indicator. While Missy holds the water, her master cums all over her face and hair. Finally, she gets to expel again on the toilet, in full view, facing the water tank.

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