She Male Samba Mania 29

Released at: February 1, 2007 by Third World Media
Starring: Karolly Mel- Wild and very exotic young T-Girl with large luscious tits, and round juicy Bubblebutt. Iris- Tall, slim, and slanky Gothic feline with 8 inches of rock hard reproductive organ and a wild animal instinct about her. Adriely Vendramine- Naturally thick and pretty Blondie needs her fill of some dark meat today. Patricia- Super model type who is tall and thin with a pretty face, reddish colored hair, and a 10 inch monster between her legs that spews fluid like a garden hose. Thays- Our Beautiful Beach Bunny graces the cover of this installment. So young with golden skin, round perfect ass, and bikini lines that encompass her cute and all natural A cup titties. 3 Hours of 100% Bareback Trannie Action! The Hottest Collection of T-Girls that Love to Fuck and Don't Mind Doing Some Ass Fucking of Their Own!! Bonus Scenes Included for Each Girl! Exclusive Photo Gallery! Beautiful O-Card Packaging! Trailers!! Go Ahead and Try It, We know You're Gonna Like It!!! Third World Media is hittin' you "Back-to-Back" with another 100% BAREBACK installment of Shemale Samba Mania. The last Samba Mania was all skin to skin, just the way you True Tranny Fans love it! Well get ready for even more, as #29 brings a brand new and absolutely Beautiful selection of the Hottest T-Girls this planet has to offer! All shot Bareback, these girl aren't satisfied with just "takin it", they absolutely Love to "give it" as well! Karolly Mel is a young and very exotic looking thing. She has sexy dirty brown hair and pretty eyes which magnify the very exotic aura about her. She has perfectly formed D cup tits and a mouth just tailor made for sucking on man-meat. She has a thick luscious body and round ass just screaming out for a hard plunging. After some mutual sucking and 69, her man puts that ripe booty to work finishing with a creamy load of moisturizer all over her golden brown, and still quivering anus. Iris is all dressed up to play and hiding out in her lair. Her cheetah patterned bikini tells the story behind this wild feline. Tall, slim and trim like a cheetah upstairs; thick, fat and juicy like a lion on the bottom end. She has ass fucking instincts that many animals in the wild could take a lesson from. After slapping her bitch boy around on the face with her 8" male-tail, this leopard takes his ass for a run around the Serengeti. She fucks him long and hard and he pays the ultimate price sucking her pretty package clean fresh out of his own poopie shoot. He pays homage to the queen of the jungle by jerking off all over her pronounced ass. Adriely Vandramine likes to frequent a local Bareback Swingers Club. As this pretty blonde pleasures herself poolside, a young, dark, physically fit fellow decides to lend a helping hand; as well as his mouth and eager anus. He gratifies her first, before turning his tan tooter northward for a reciprocal ass slamming and subsequent cum dumping all over his chiseled chest. Patricia is a sexy runway model when she isn't busy fucking in one of our movies. She is tall and slim with long legs that never seem to end. She is gorgeous just like a top runway model. Problem is her 10 inch hard sausage has no adequate storage area, and is much better served out in the open or buried between some man-butt. She shows off some of her model skills stripping and playing with herself on the bed before she fucks her muscle boy's ass long and deep. She rolls her hips as she thrusts away at his willing shit shoot before she sits him up and erupts with a TREMENDOUS load all over his chest. He bends her over and gets some release of his own all over her perfectly formed ass. Thays is our Cover Girl. When she is not working on her tan at the beach, she is usually showing off her perfectly formed small titties and sexy tan lines to new boys she finds attractive. After some 69, her boy lubes up her bunghole with his tongue in preparation for a long trip up her soft anal cavity. She moans and groans in pleasure, just like a real girl would with a soft and sexy feminine voice. Close your eyes, you wouldn't know the difference!!! Honestly. Each of the 5 girls ends their hardcore scene with a sexy trip into the shower. Each girl also has another Bonus Scene where they strip, masturbate and show off their respective personalities a bit. Fun stuff, Enjoy!!!

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