Shower Time For The Girls

Released at: October 31, 2016 by NaughtyAllie
After finishing up one hell of a foursome with Brandi and Michael we all decided to go out to a club for a few drinks and some intimate conversation. Yeah I know it's supposed to be the other way around, drinks and conversation first, then sex but sometimes I just can't resist jumping on a hard cock whenever the opportunity presents itself. Anyway, following our little fuck fest, Brandi and I decided we'd better jump into the shower to freshen-up before heading out with the guys for the evening. As much as I love cum, I'm not sure I want to be out parading around town with that freshly fucked scent lingering all around me. We jumped into the shower and before I knew it I had three fingers up Brandi's cunt as I manipulated her clit with my thumb. After getting her off she returned the favor and we finished up our shower, got dressed, and headed out for the night. I can't wait to tell you what happened after we left the club but that story will have to wait for another time. ~Kisses, Allie

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