Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! - Dirk Styles

Released at: August 27, 2010 by Straight Guys for Gay Eyes
Sex and broccoli. What...that doesn't get you excited? Well, that's exactly what Dirk recommends if you want to get in as fantastic shape as him. We'll just show you the first part of that regimen. Sound good? Dirk is doing a little balancing demonstration when Amber walks in and is amazed. Amazed that he can stay balanced at all with the erection he has! After a little kissing she's down on her knees, throating every inch of his smooth cock and getting ready for the fuck of her life. The positions they wind up in are indescribable, so you'll just have to watch to find out! Their 'cirque du soleil' sex romp ends which a HUGE bang, so to speak. You might say the show comes to a BIG climax!

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