Stretchin' the Brown Hole is Our Goal 2

Released at: May 29, 2020 by ChesterMolestHer Studios
Chester walks in on Alley Sinn giving Kat Riley a stimulating strap-on fuck, so Chester makes sure he gets a blow job out of it, while Kat is getting rammed good and hard. Next, Chester and the girls go to a public bathroom, watch as Kat & Alley take turns bending over griping a dirty toilet seat as Chester takes turns fucking them from behind. Watch Alley come in the room to seduce Chester and take a good railing up her ass in every position, finishing off with a hot load in her throat. Kat sprays Enema water all over a glass shower wall then declares her ass is ready for fucking, so Chester puts her on all fours in a chair and packs her tight little asshole full of Vaseline!

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