Taboo Tales Volume 49

Released at: February 27, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Secrets of a MILF Rachel married a preacher. Her life went from carefree to conservative. She had a son and they raised him in the church. Her life was controlled. She felt trapped but did not know how to be on her own. One day when she was really down, her son's buddy Frankie came to visit but he was not home. They talked for a while and Rachel told him how lonely and frustrated she really was. The young man made a move on Rachel and she felt a lust come over her for him. They fucked all afternoon and continued their affair. But when her husband caught her, he sent her away to a remote farm house to live alone. Frankie found out where she was and found her. The feelings came rushing back, but Rachel stayed strong. She did not want him to have to drive back at night, so she offered him to stay in the guest room. Frankie and Rachel stayed up late drinking and laughing. Rachel felt she had control over her sexual desires finally. The next morning Rachel got up early and fixed coffee for him. He came in the kitchen and saw how sexy she was in a white satin short robe. Her long tan legs were so smooth, her nipples shown through the robe. His cock grew hard. Frankie slowly moved closer to her as she cleaned up the dishes. She pushed him away and asked him to stop. He continued to touch her gently, Rachel's defenses declined with each touch. He got behind her and pressed his groin into her ass. Rachel felt his cock hard against her and melted. She ached for attention. Frankie eased her towards her bedroom. She grabbed a shirt and tried to get dressed. He pushed her on the bed and parted her long tan legs to reveal her sweet hot pussy. His mouth and tongue probed her lips apart. Frankie knew what she needed and he went for it. Before long, Rachel had his young hard cock in her mouth and her pussy in his mouth. He lay her down, and with a thrust, he plunged his cock deep inside her. They fucked like animals until he came all over her sweet ass. Rachel invited him to stay the rest of the week to satisfy her needs. Scene 2 - The Widow Rachel had been married to a controlling womanizer who humiliated her. Johnathan could not stand the way his father treated his wife, his stepmother. The miserable old man finally died. It was a sudden heart attack. No one attended the funeral but Rachel and his son. Rachel was terrified of being alone and overwhelmed, so she decided to lay down. Rachel struggled with her zipper and called for John's help. He unzipped her dress as she wept. Rachel slipped out of her dress, wearing a black lace bra, garter belt and stockings. John had never thought she looked so beautiful. Rachel apologized for exposing herself, but she was so depressed and scared she did not care. John offered to massage her back. Rachel moaned as he gently rubbed her shoulders. She began to unwind and her thoughts cleared. Rachel realized the loss of the bastard was a good thing. John was caring and helpful, and what more could she ask for? John leaned in to kiss her, and they fell into each other's arms. They made love and explored each other's bodies all afternoon. Rachel came several times. She told John it was his turn to cum. Rachel wanted him to blast his load all over her face. John was so excited to be fucking the hot MILF, as he had been masturbating to this thought for years, he blew his load prematurely into the condom. Rachel pulled his cock out to let him blow on her face only to see the condom FULL of cum. She smiled and she knew what happened. She slowly pulled the condom off to look at his cum. Rachel kissed him and told him she was ready to sleep.

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