Teens Like It Big Vol. 8

Released at: November 18, 2010 by Brazzers
**Just The Tip**: Allie has a boyfriend with an average size cock. Her roommate Jennifer brings home a boy with 12 inches of dick for her to try out. **Everything is Big In America**: Aleska is an exchange student in America for the first time. She is amazed at how big things are in America, especially the guy's dicks. **Itsy Bitsy Teenie Vagina**: Lexi's neighbor gave her some stuff for her charity. His pocket vagina was in one of the boxes by mistake. She finds it and gives him her tight teen vagina instead. **Sweet 18 Slut**: Vanessa is having a huge party for her 18th birthday. Seeing that she is annoyed with all her lame gifts, Keiran helps cheer her up by giving her a really big gift. **You Steal My Clothes, I Steal Your Cock**: Candace is pissed at her sister because she keeps stealing her clothes. To get back at her, Candace decides to steal her sister's big-dicked boyfriend. **DVD Bonus. Briana Blair, James Deen**

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