The Break In

Released at: April 2, 2015 by Iron Belles
Kasie is fast asleep upstairs resting her big muscles. Two nefarious burglars break into her house through a living room window. They help themselves to any and all of Kasie's hard earned possessions. Making their way up to the bedroom for more valuables, to their surprise a big muscle bound chick lies there asleep. She wakes up to an armed assailant at point blank range and calmly complies with their with their demands. The other then proceeds to tie her up, so they can finish the job. Bound by her ankles and wrists and gagged as well, Kasie struggles furiously to loosen the ropes. She must get out so she can stop them. After quite some time she manages to free herself. Watch out boys! She's pissed and loose. Kasie makes her way downstairs to catch one crook in the refrigerator, he drops his milk and runs like a wimp! Not so lucky for burglar #2, Kasie jumps the boy and wrestles him down. One wouldn't think these boys will be back.

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