The Doctor and The Maid

Released at: January 26, 2022 by Dirty Doctors Videos
I'm Monica The Mischievous Maid and I got a job at the Dirty Doctors House, things were fairly quiet and my cleaning duties were going well so I thought I would stop for a rest, and would you believe it I found a nice selection of Sex Toys behind a cushion on the sofa, now the doctor wouldn't be home for a while so I thought I would give them a try so I slipped my uniform off and started to play with the nice smooth animal print vibe which slid effortlessly into my juicy cunt, I pounded away harder and harder and deeper and faster until I reached a satisfying Climax, but I needed more so I reached for the electric vibrating wand and pushed it hard against my clit while sliding the vibe in and out but I needed to get comfortable, so I lay back on the sofa with my legs wide apart and got to work with the magic wand teasing my clit until I reached a climax and squirted all over the place, but The doc came home early and caught me laying on the sofa in just my stockings and heels playing with myself, not wanting to waste the opportunity the doc quickly stripped off and instructed me to keep working on my pussy with the vibe while I sucked on his cock and when he was nice and hard I lay back and he fucked me hard then he turned me over and fucked me doggy then he lay me back over the arm of the sofa and I spread my legs and he fucked me some more while I squeezed my nipples, then he spread my pussy wide and buried his tongue deep inside, before rimming my tight little arse hole which needed some more attention, so he applied some lube and slid in a lovely smooth dildo before sliding his cock into my wanting arse then I Sucked on his cock some more while working the magic wand on his balls his cock was nice and hard, so he bent me over and once again fucked me Doggy Style then he started fingering my cunt while I spread it wide then he I handed me the wand and I played with myself while The doc wanked his cock until it was nice and hard again, next he lay back on the floor while I squeezed his balls and sucked on his stiff cock and when ready I climbed on board and rode him cowgirl before turning round and riding him reverse cowgirl before sliding off and sucking his cock again, I could feelhe was ready to cum so he wanked his cock hard onto my tongue and shot his full load all over my face and in my mouth before pissing all over my tits. Monica xxx

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