Toothpick CBT Tease

Released at: December 29, 2021 by Sultry Sitara Studios
You're looking for something new to do with your dick since you've tried quite a few things on your dick already. Touching yourself in new ways, watching new porn, jerking in new places, maybe even some more exciting things! Now, you're looking to explore pinpoint sensations. You're looking to try something you've never really seen or thought about before. This is for the curious, the eager, the tempted guys who want to explore what it's like to have fun with toothpicks! Nothing extreme, nothing degrading, just sensual CBT and sensation stimulation with toothpicks and a dominant Indian woman guiding you along the way. Whether you're new to the world of kink or been in it for a minute, this is a must have for any CBT good boy!

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