Tracy And Lori

Released at: November 18, 2006 by Internet Entertainment
I was at a condo visiting this nice resort in Florida. I hung out at the pool mostly everyday and met this really nice lady named Tracy. She was a hot M.I.L.F that loves to have sex and I know she was aching for my pussy. I told her that I was going back up to the house to make lunch and that I would be over to her place after to have a drink. I heard someone at the door and it was her and a few others at my surprise. She opened up her beach bag and showed me this big huge double dong that she wanted to play with. We both ended up going to the bedroom where everyone followed like curious flies on the wall wondering what we were going to do to each other. I got naked right away, as she was already naked walking down the complex in just a sheer wrap skirt. We put a towel on the bed and layed back as we both stuck the ends of the dildo in our pussies and started grinding it. My pussy was soaking wet and she made it wetter when she took a small little pocket rocket vibrator and started rubbing my clit with it while I got myself off. It felt so good to get fucked by an older woman that I wanted to return the favor and make her cum good! I started pressing the dildo faster inside her pussy as she held the small vibrator on her clit just making her self explode very nicely all over the bed. It was great to get off and have a few guys watch us cuz I know there dicks were rock hard in there pants and couldn't wait to watch us cum.

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