University Co-eds 17

Released at: November 12, 2002 by Dane Productions
Welcome to another edition of **UNIVERSTIY CO-EDS.** We have a lineup of fresh pussy that will leave you foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. Our opening scene with newcomer Anastasia tells of a situation between her dad and her boyfriend. Apparently he felt that he just wasn't the right guy for his daughter. She told me later that going against her father added spice to their relationship. Our second segment features what I call the most naturally beautiful girl in adult today. Bunny is an 18 year old dream. When I se her, she runs shivers up and down my spine. She is so breathtaking that the thought of possessing this magnificent creature through any means necessary jangled every thought process of mine for weeks, till her magic over me had subsided. Bunny and Dayton Rains play two female students who want to attend prom night together. Our third segment features Kristen getting it on with Alec Metro poolside. Bridgett tells of a situation with an upset dean who feels that she isn't putting her utmost into her studies. After she back talks him, he puts her on suspension for her impertinence... With graduation only weeks away, she does what she has to to graduate. Great stories, great production values and beautiful young co-eds, hell what more can you boys ask for? In reality, what more is there to ask for? Thank you as always for your support, Don Marque

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