White Woman

Released at: April 26, 2018 by City Girlz
I got this new gig washing windows, most days are pretty boring but I have to tell you about my first white pussy,...there she was chatting with her boyfriend on the phone (she didn't notice me cleaning her patio doors) damn what a fine nice piece of white pussy.... I gotta do my job right? So I keep looking and washing and damn if the bitch doesn't start stripping off , she gets down to her thong and high heels turns and sees me (I thought oh oh) but she didn't miss a beat , kept right on chatting like I wasn't there ....hangs up the phone walks over to the door and says Do You Like What You SEE? ...Then she invites me in , seems her boyfriend just stiffed her so I'm next...my lucky day and my first WHITE PUSSY

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