Your Girlfriend Carly... Slippery When Wet!

Released at: September 12, 2006 by New York F*ck Factory
A solo girl voyeur-masturbation fantasy with Carly! Your girlfriend Carly is so much fun and very sexy, the other day she strolls into the bathroom, whips of bathrobe and hops in the shower to clean off. She wets herself all over then sticks the showerhead up between her legs while she lathers herself all over with soap. She makes this comment about like I bet you wish this was your "white stuff between my titts instead of soap". Then she squats down in the shower and starts to was her snatch. She makes a comment about her pussy jewelry not just being for show but actually being a turn on when somebody tongues it. Then she spends a long time aiming the showerhead up her cunt while playing with her superb nipples. She finally stands up turns round and shows her amazing ass. Carly is such a great girl and very sexy to!

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