Your Girlfriend Raylin... Lathers Down!

Released at: September 21, 2006 by New York F*ck Factory
Your girlfriend Raylin is so sexy anything she does is a turn on. Just the other day she was laying on the bed ready to apply some body lotion, she starts out slowly and sensually squirting the stuff on herself, first on her legs and feet, then she moves up to her pussy. After rubbing it round her lips she carefully puts a little mound on each nipple and massages it on to her beautiful big titts. Then she carries on covering herself with lotion including squirting it into her big pink snatch. As she rubs and squeezes her cunt she turn over on the bed to show her lovely ass and writhes around in pleasure finally collapsing on her back and producing a stream of white gooey liquid from love hole! She stops for a moment to lick her fingers and then starts all over again frigging away wildly into a second sloppy orgasm! Wow!

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